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Hand thrown earthenware Gecko vase – about this product

This hand thrown earthernware vase, hand engraved with a gecko design suits everyone’s table, bench or cupboard. Inhabbiting all corners of Australia and all continents except Antarctica, the gecko is a very popular design and much loved by many.

Three artists work together to make this beautiful hand made gecko vase. The gecko is painted in gold lustre, beige, orange and red. The rim is painted in gold lustre.

We hope you enjoy it.

Height: 13cm

Hand thrown earthenware Gecko vase – uses

Perfect on a coffee table, benchtop or cupboard. Put flowers in it or admire it as a stand alone feature. You can even use it to brighten up your desk by using it to store your pencils and pens.

Looking for a creative, handmade gift? This hand thrown earthenware Gecko vase would make the perfect gift or souvenir.

Hand thrown earthenware Gecko vase – fun fact about Geckos

Did you know real life Geckos are often brightly coloured. Their colour depends on the colour of the environment in which they live as this plays a big part in camouflage. The Geckos we play with on our pieces aren’t true to the colours of real life Geckos but we love to be authentic. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll find a gecko with these colours. Be sure to let us know if you come across one.




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